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Kodaikanal, the princess of slope station, is primarily known for being special first night objections among different spots in India. This is the most reasonable and excellent location in the south of India on account of its beautiful excellence which leaves the guests awestruck with important experiences.The significance of traveler puts in Kodaikanal is the endowment of the woods and it contains some thick backwoods with gigantic assortments of trees, charming cascades and colossal rocks.

Arranged in the slopes of Dindigul region in the province of Tamil Nadu, the Kodaikanal contains an enormous history as a retreat and famous traveler objective. There are numerous local people name that are point to this excellent town, however the most mainstream is “spot to see in summer”. The sovereign of mountain locations is otherwise calls to be the “endowment of God” in light of its talented lakes and hills. The lovely spot of Kodaikanal invites you with a fall in the temperature joined by picturesque excellence.

Also famous as Switzerland of the east

The Switzerland of the east is home to assortments of undertakings and energizing activities and spots to visit. Furthermore, Kodaikanal, the town of sentiment, gives you another inclination each time you go touring to better places with its unadulterated and immaculate nature’s magnificence and causes you to feel a bit nearer to the brilliance of Mother Nature. Kodaikanal draws in countless sightseers and voyagers alongside travelers both public and worldwide consistently.

The ruler of heartfelt spots, Kodaikanal is perhaps the best spot to visit in the south area. We as a whole realize Tamil Nadu is the ruler of South India and thus the town of Kodaikanal adds somewhat more litter into its wonder. The town isn’t just barely imply for recently wedded couples yet in addition you can visit the traveler puts in Kodaikanal town with your family and appreciate the different games and experience given by this entrancing and lovely town.

What is Special about the place

From drifting in lakes to going for a stroll in the slopes, to investigating caverns and in any event, offering petitions at strict spots-activities in Kodaikanal are practically unending. Perhaps the most noticeable spots to see in Kodaikanal is the Berijam Lake. Situated toward the finish of the Pillar Rock Road, the quiet and purplish blue waters of the lake are profoundly inviting and alleviating to the eyes. Neglecting common wild, a visit to the Berijam Lake is great. Another significant spot of interest in Kodaikanal is the fundamental Kodai Lake. Just gaze at the quiet blue waters of the lake or take a boat ride with your better half – encounters at the Kodai Lake would merit recalling.

Experience darlings can make some extraordinary memories journeying to places like Pillar Rocks, Dolphin Rocks or considerably further to Kumabkarai. The otherworldly ones can offer supplications at the Kurinji Andavar Temple; those on a family get-away can invest some energy at the Byrant Park or go climbing at large numbers of the sloping landscapes, choose a dip at the Fairy Falls or invest some time in isolation with your friends and family at the few review focuses in the slope station. Our Kodaikanal travel direct offers broad insights concerning each spot to visit and activities in this pleasant slope station. Directly from drifting to journeying and climbing, one will discover a wide range of subtleties in our local escort.

Best Time to Travel here

Being a slope station, Kodaikanal appreciates a cool and wonderful environment round the year. Nonetheless, the best an ideal opportunity to visit Kodaikanal turns out to be the mid year months from March to early June when the climate is at its best. Rainstorm are moderate around there and winters are not brutal all things consider. In this way making Kodaikanal a most loved traveler objective round the year.

Summers in this Hill Station : Kodaikanal

Summers, traversing from March to early May are the best an ideal opportunity to visit Kodaikanal when the temperature runs somewhere close to 21°C and 37°C. The climate is cool and charming making it ideal for explorers to splash into the excellence of the wild around.

Monsoons Season are amazing : Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal encounters rainstorm from June end to August and gets moderate precipitation. Obviously, that the green verdure all over is at its best during rainstorm, making it gigantic hit among the shutterbugs. Temperature runs somewhere close to 17°C and 34°C and there’s solid dampness in the breeze, making it to some degree awkward. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to encounter the magnificence of the spot, do make sure to convey alongside you outfits like umbrellas and parkas.

Chilly Winters at Kodaikanal

Cold weather a long time in Kodaikanal ranges from November to February. In addition, the temperature during these months ranges somewhere in the range of 9°C and 16°C. The lovely chill in the breezes is inviting and in the event that you are a traveler, winters are the best an ideal opportunity to visit Kodaikanal and go journeying in and around the district.

Best attractions for Tourists to visit around

Kodaikanal’s fame as a traveler objective is generally understand and its an ideal break for tired spirits searching for some tranquility and harmony. Regardless of whether you need to go on a performance trip and go through certain minutes in isolation, or you need to go on an excursion with your family or are arranging a special night Kodaikanal has a few alternatives for you. Directly from lakes to mountain see focuses to journeying trails, places of worship and sanctuaries voyagers and experience searchers would be spoilt for decision. Notice the accompanying passages to find out about the best places to visit in Kodaikanal.


The Kodaikanal Lake is quite possibly the most mainstream vacationer locations of Tamil Nadu. This star-form counterfeit lake is exactly at a height of 2285 meters above ocean level. Kodai Lake was developed route back in 1863 by Sir Vere Hentry Levinge, the gatherer of Madurai. He moved to Kodaikanal after his retirement and chose to fabricate this lake on an unwanted mucky land. Right now, exercises like fishing and sailing should be possible here.


Backwoods border Berijam lake is perhaps the most well popular places of interest in Kodaikanal. One requires a license from the woodland office to visit this grand excellence. The license is effectively accessible, whenever moved toward a day prior. Since close by open gets its drinking water from the lake, sailing here is restrict. Be that as it may, a walk around the lake and its wonderful environmental factors make it an unquestionable requirement visit place in Kodaikanal for travelers.


A holiday in Kodaikanal is incomplete without a visit to the Coaker’s Walk. A man-made walking plaza, Coaker’s Walk was built by Lt Coaker in 1872. Today it is one of the most popular places to visit in Kodaikanal. Take a stroll in the afternoon with your significant other, or simply gaze at the verdant green valleys-a short trip to the Coaker’s Walk will fill you with lifetime memories.


The Pine Forest of Kodaikanal was developed by one Mr. Bryant about a century prior and today, it turns out to be perhaps the most visited places in the slope station. The Pine Forest draws in a large number of travelers from everywhere. Obviously, that the actual sight of umpteen number of pine trees standing tall make for an astonishing sight. While on a visit through Kodaikanal, ensure that you visit the Pine Forest.


Committed to Lord Murugan, the Kurinji Andavar sanctuary is an absolute necessity visit place in Kodaikanal for pioneers. Arranged at a to some degree odd area, the interesting sanctuary offers grand perspectives on Palani Hills at his scenery. Vacationers can likewise have a terrific perspective on the Vaigai Dam from the sanctuary. The sanctuary is related to the Kurinji blossoms that sprout once in 12 years. A visit through Kodaikanal would prefer to be inadequate without a visit to this sanctuary.


Outstanding amongst other touring spots of Kodaikanal, the Pillar Rocks offer dazzling magnificence of the normal vistas around. The spot got its name from three shakes that stand practically upward, approaching high and practically penetrating the sky at a stature of 400 feet. Haze and fog frequently play find the stowaway with the columns, along these lines causing situation look practically ethereal. Do make sure to visit Pillar Rocks while on a visit through Kodaikanal.


Situated in a little town of a similar name, the Mannavanur Lake is one of the odd traveler spots to visit in Kodaikanal. Catching with little streams, little cascades and fields of carrots will take you to the Mannavanur Lake. When you come to, a quiet and peaceful water body will invite you. While there’s very little to do, simply unwinding in the area will undoubtedly fill you with a long period of recollections.


The Bryant Park is a greenhouse found near the Kodai Lake. The recreation center was the brainchild of a specific British armed force official named Glen Bryant. Bragging more than 325 species trees, bushes and desert plants, the nursery appears to be practically similar to a rainbow when every one of the blossoms are abloom. A 160-year old Eucalyptus is a significant fascination. Do make sure to visit this excellent professional flowerbed when on a visit through Kodaikanal.


In the event that you need to appreciate a picturesque climb and catch look at mists playing find the stowaway with terraced valleys-an outing to the Poombarai Village View point is an absolute necessity. Poomabrai town is acclaimed for its creation of garlic. Standing isolated at 1920 meters above ocean level, the Poombarai town offers beautiful perspectives on the encompassing vistas. One can go through hours looking at the regular magnificence and taste some neighborhood produce like carrots and beans.


Otherwise called the Upper Lake View Point, this specific focal point in Kodaikanal draws in a ton of travelers. From the point one can not just have an amazing perspective on the Kodai Lake yet additionally of the huge green vistas around. While there’s very little to do in Lake View Point, you can make excellent recollections while gazing at the glorious perspectives on the star-formed Kodai Lake.


Another unmistakable touring place in Kodaikanal is the Silent Valley View Point. Situated close to the Berijam Lake, the Silent Valley View is a top choice with nature sweethearts. The best occasions to visit the Silent Valley View Point is early mornings and late nights. Obviously, that the fact of the matter is an astonishing spot to see regular environmental factors and grand mountains around. A visit to the Silent Valley View is certainly great.


A dazzling green nursery, the Chettiar Park turns out to be a far reaching vacation spot in the slope station of Kodaikanal. The recreation center is full with a wide and uncommon types of blossoms, the recreation center is denote to ooze flawlessness at each progression. The consummately manicured yards of the recreation center extra to flawlessness of the spot. The Kurunji blossoms that sprout once in 12 years is its primary fascination


Perhaps the most intriguing traveler spots to visit in Kodaikanal is the Guna Caves. Named after a celebrated Kamal Hassan starrer Tamil film Guna, the caverns are an absolute necessity visit place for nature darling and experience searchers. The area was a notable climbing trail and after the film shooting, it came to be known as Guna Caves. An excursion to this interesting cavern can assist you with making excellent recollections.


Viewed as Kodaikanal’s most seasoned biblical, the La Saleth Church has been in presence since the most recent 150 years. The congregation was subsidize by a Belgian lady as a nice thought who needs to express gratitude toward Our Lady of La Salette for the fix of her little girl. The hallowed place is a superb illustration of the blend of Tamil and French engineering. The sanctuary is a social occasion place for one and all.


History buffs can make some incredible memories visiting the Shembaganur Museum of Natural History, one of the acclaimed vacation spots in Kodaikanal. Establishment in 1895, the exhibition hall is partner to the Loyola College, Chennai. Here one can have some extraordinary time spotting antiques having a place with the Palayiar clans, whose relatives keep on living in the slope station. The taxidermy assortment is a significant fascination of the gallery.


One of the significant touring places in Kodaikanal turns out to be the Vattakanal Falls. Covered up inside the thick woods of Karnataka, a visit to the Vattakanal Falls is an unquestionable requirement while on a visit through Kodaikanal. Encircled by slopes, trees and tremendous green spans, the falls make for an outright enjoyment to the eyes. A scaffold close to the falls, makes it a lot simpler for you to click photos.


A piece of the Parappar River Stream, the Bear Shola Falls is an incredible sight. Quite possibly the most mainstream places of interest of Kodaikanal, the falls are certainly an incredible sight. Falling down in an inclining way from an extraordinary stature, the falls lies inside a woodland hold – unhindered by human infringements. An outing to the Bear Shola Falls will restore your faculties totally.


A piece of the Parappar River Stream, the Bear Shola Falls is an incredible sight. Quite possibly the most mainstream places of interest of Kodaikanal, the falls are certainly an incredible sight. Falling down in an inclining way from an extraordinary stature, the falls lies inside a woodland hold – unhindered by human infringements. An outing to the Bear Shola Falls will restore your faculties totally.


A fundamental piece of Indian Institute of Astrophysics, the Astrophysical Observatory is a conspicuous spot to visit in Kodaikanal. Worked in 1899 and arranged in the midst of delightful characteristic environmental factors with the Palani Hills at its setting, the observatory makes for an amazing sight for astronomy devotees and even sightseers. Notice the assortment at the Museum or look at some uncommon books on galactic science at the library-you won’t ever be worn out on this spot.


Moir point turns out to be one of the significant view-points of Kodaikanal. The site is denote after an European designer Sir Thomas Moir who was answerable for developing the Goschen Road in 1929. The point offers all encompassing perspectives on the pinnacles and the green vistas for what it’s worth. It one of the significant places of interest in Kodaikanal. A little park has been develop here alongside a landmark.


Found 65 kilometers from the primary Kodaikanal Point, the Subrahmanya Temple is devote to Lord Kartikeya. Arranged at a tallness of 135 meters and one necessities climb in excess of 600 stages all together get a perspective on sanctum sanctorum. This sanctuary may be respectably mainstream among vacationers, anyway a visit will fill you with a feeling of fulfillment. Do make sure to take visit through the Subrahmanya Temple once in Kodaikanal.


Situated in the Pambarpuram region, the Fairy Falls make for an unquestionable requirement visit place in Kodaikanal. These falling falls offers a delightful sight of water spouting out at a hefty speed from the highest point of a mountain. The falls is additionally extremely well known as a point for swimming. Invest some energy unwinding here with your cherished one or basically take away a few snapshots of isolation, the Fairy Falls is unquestionably worth a visit.

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Best place to stay at Kodaikanal?

A lot of convenience choices are accessible in Kodaikanal that obliges a wide range of voyagers. From extravagance travelers to spending explorers all can discover facilities in Kodaikanal that accommodates their individual bills. Be it spending inns or a stunning suite disregarding a lake, or you are searching for occasion rentals or a lavish lodging that offers a fantastic perspective on the rich valleys, Kodaikanal won’t ever allow you to down with convenience of your decision that can likewise be reserved.

How can we reach Kodaikanal?

A conspicuous slope station of South India, Kodaikanal can be effectively reached from a large group of urban areas. While Madurai is the closest city situated a ways off of 120 kilometers, other closest significant urban communities end up being Coimbatore (172 kilometers) and Kochi (300 kilometers). Kodaikanal can likewise be reached from Chennai lying a good ways off of 525 kilometers and Bangalore which is around 465 kilometers away.

Travel By Air

Madurai, lying a ways off of 120 kilometers is the closest air terminal to Kodaikanal. The air terminal is all around associated with all noticeable Indian urban communities and significant aircrafts handling consistently. Public also as private vehicle can be effectively accessible from the Madurai air terminal for Kodaikanal. Another choice incorporates voyaging by means of the Trichy air terminal (150 kilometers) which is likewise all around associated by a few significant air terminals of the country.

Travel By Train

The closest railhead to Kodaikanal is Kodai Road which is 80 kilometers away. Trains from Trichy and Madurai employ consistently for Kodaikanal which can be effectively accessible. Another significant rail line intersection is Coimbatore which is very much associated with the remainder of the country. From Coimbatore trains to Kodaikanal handle consistently, which explorers can undoubtedly benefit.

Travel By Road

Kodaikanal is very much associated by streets and transports from all significant urban communities including Madurai, Trichy and Coimbatore. Transports from these urban areas utilize consistently and one can benefit both public and private ones. Explorers can likewise pick ac and non-transports as indicated by their solace.

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Camping in Kodaikanal ! check out the best place.

Kodaikanal Lake:

This wonderful man made lake offers probably the best views of the sparkling waters and is home to various marines. The region around it is covered with kush green and manicured yards, accordingly being the best spot to camp for the time being. Various vacationers surge here to appreciate an exciting evening with loved ones.

 Dolphin’s Nose:

Offering an elevated perspective of the beautiful scene, this spot can be reached by traveling for some time and once you reach here, an entire night can be spent here appreciating the views and the sparkling night sky. Situated at a height of 6600 feet, this spot offers the best setting up camp insight, that too with every fundamental convenience.

Bear Shola Falls:

This little cascade can be delighted in once you complete a short traveling course from the backwoods. Situated in a far off region, setting up camp here doesn’t give first class offices, yet the nature and environmental factors here are most likely untamed and delightful.

Silver Cascade Falls:

Being a precarious cascade, this spot offers a sight of quick spouting water hitting the stones underneath. The hypnotizing sight can be best delighted in while setting up camp around and looking the stream sparkling in the evening glow.

List of famous waterfalls in kodaikanal

The best cascade journey in Kodaikanal are:

Pambar Waterfall:

This minuscule cascade can be reached by traveling for 5 KM from the Kodai Lake. Being a multi layered cascade, Pambar offers a hypnotizing perspective on the spouting water hitting the catch shakes and making a little pool of air pockets. A journey to this falls is of moderate trouble, and one can without much of a stretch total it.

Bear Shola Waterfalls:

Offering its course from the timberlands, this cascade is accepted to disappear in the summers, subsequently offering an ideal spot from rock climbing. To reach here, one requirements to travel for 2 KM and the distance is smooth and can be covered by anybody.

Silver Cascade Waterfall:

Sitting in rich green woods, this cascade has been testing nature and rush sweethearts since ages. The spouting water here is obvious to the point that numerous local people use it for drinking as well. Its area in the midst of the uneven woodlands adds some additional beginnings to your traveling experience.

Liril Waterfalls:

An ideal objective for various courageous exercises, these falls take around 2 to 3 hours to reach and journeying towards here takes you through many steep and rough inclines. The tranquility of the encompassing slopes and the spouting sound of water here ensure that the trip is awesome.

Kodaikanal is famous for what?

Be it the common excellence or natural food things, Kodaikanal is renowned for various things:

  • The high quality chocolates of Kodaikanal chocolate production line
  • Dolphin’s Nose – offering an all encompassing perspective all in all town
  • Caps Fly Valley – known to be an enchanted spot because of the capacity of flying low weighted things
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Guna Caves – a spooky normal design.

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