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Let’s start with the History of the Memorial.

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It is an enormous marble working in Kolkata, which was build somewhere in the range of 1906 and 1921. It is made to the memory of Empress Victoria, and is presently a gallery under the protection of the Ministry of Culture. The dedication lies on the Maidan and is one of the celebrated landmarks of Kolkata.

In January 1901, on the demise of Empress Victoria, at that point Lord Curzon, proposed the formation of a fitting dedication. Master Curzon proposed the development of an amazing structure with a gallery and nurseries..

The Prince of Wales, establish the framework stone on 4 January 1906, and it was officially opened to people in general in 1921.

In 1912, preceding the development of the Victoria Memorial was done, Emperor George V reported the exchange of the capital of India from Kolkata to New Delhi. Consequently, the Victoria Memorial was implicit what might be a commonplace city instead of a capital.

Importance of the Memorial

The Victoria Memorial was for the most part subsidized by British Officials, and people of India. The Politicians and individuals of India reacted liberally to Lord Curzon’s allure for reserves, and the absolute expense of development of the landmark, adding up to one crore, five lakhs of Rupees (₹), was totally gotten from their deliberate memberships.

The development of the Victoria Memorial was deferred by Curzon’s takeoff from India in 1905 with a resulting loss of neighborhood eagerness for the venture, and by the requirement for testing of the establishments. The Victoria Memorial’s establishment stone was set in 1906 and the structure opened in 1921. Crafted by development was endowed to Messrs. Martin and Co. of Kolkata. Work on the superstructure started in 1910. After 1947, a few increases were made into the Memorial.


Timings & Ticket price/Entry Fees

Victoria Memorial Gallery

  • Opening hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Please note that Gallery remains closed on Monday & National holidays
  • Here are the Entry Fees:
  • Indian Nationals – INR 20/person
  • Foreign Nationals – INR 200/person
  • The Entry is Free for students & defence (in uniform)

Victoria Memorial Gardens

  • Opening hours: 5:30pm to 6:15pm all the days
  • Here are the Entry Fees:
  • Daily ticket – INR 10/person
  • Yearly ticket – INR 1000/person (for morning joggers)

Light & Sound Show : Price & Time

  • October to February: 6:15pm to 7:00pm (Bengali) || 7:15 PM to 8:00 PM (English)
  • March to June: 6:45pm to 7:30pm (Bengali) || 7:45pm to 8:30pm (English)
  • Its for your knowledge: The light & sound show is not conduct between the month July to September
  • Ticket Price:
    • INR 10 for kids & INR 20 for adults
    • Disclaimer : Tickets for the light and sound show are distribute 12:30 PM onwards at the ticket counter
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Why this Memorial is Famous?

Here is some of the major points that will clear your query. Furthermore, we will be also adding important facts of Victoria Memorial.

It is one of the celebrated and excellent landmarks of Kolkata. It was build somewhere in the range of 1906 and 1921 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s 25-year reign in India. Her reign finished with her passing in 1901. It is perhaps the most amazing token of the Raj to be found in India.

Ruler Curzon, the then Viceroy of India, attempted the assignment of setting up this great landmark for individuals to see and appreciate, and today the Victoria Memorial is consider perhaps the best spot to visit, in Kolkata as well as the whole country.

The many-sided commemoration not just bears declaration to the British guideline in India yet in addition stands apart to act as an illustration of refined and fantastic design in the Indo-Saracenic evangelist style that existed around there.

Know more about its significance

Considered to the pride of Kolkata, the Victoria Memorial gloats of a variety of canvases that date back to the British time frame and some different presentations. The Royal Gallery houses the works of art of Jansen and Winter Halter, which handily portray the existence of Prince Albert, while the Calcutta Gallery is worshipp for being the principal city exhibition of the country. The rich green and very much looked after garden, which spreads more than 64 sections of land, has various sculptures and figures in it. The sixteen-foot tall bronze sculpture of triumph, mounted on metal balls at the highest point of the remembrance, serves to elevate the general allure and magnificence of the whole unpredictable.

The site looks stunning and heavenly, particularly around evening time, when it is enlighten. The Son-et-Lumiere shows that happen in the evening are an additional enjoyment, and an absolute necessity watch for all individuals who decide to visit this spot. All things considered, the spot is an absolute necessity visit for individuals to wish to remember the pith of the Victorian period in the current world.

Top 10 Lines on the memorial & about it.

  1. Architecture of Victoria Memorial : It highlights Indo-Saracenic evangelist engineering style which shows a mix of Mughal and British components alongside Egyptian, Islamic, Venetian, and Deccani components. Made of white Markana marble, the building has measurements of 103 meters by 69 meters and reaches up to a stature of 56 meters.
  2. It has a principle focal arch, four more modest vaults, high gateways, domed chaatris of octagonal shape, domed pinnacles at the corners, and porch.
  3. The Angel of Victory, a 16-feet tall figure, remains on top of the focal vault. You can track down a few metaphorical figures encompassing the focal vault, including Charity, Justice, Art, and Architecture.
  4. The North Porch has symbolic figures of Prudence, Motherhood, and Learning.
  5. The white marble landmark is an ideal portrayal of sheer radiance that tempts its guests and leaves them awestruck.
  6. The possibility of the landmark was conceptualize by Lord George Curzon, first Marquess Curzon of Kedleston and Viceroy of India as a ‘impressive’ dedication for perished Queen Victoria, the primary Empress of British India.

Details and the design of the hall :

7. It is famous as the Indo-Saracenic Pentecostal style that utilizes a mix of design styles loan from Egyptian, Mughal, British, Deccani, Islamic and surprisingly Venetian components.

8. The structure covers 338 feet or 103 m by 228 feet or 69 m with a tallness of 184 feet or 56 m. Not to fail to remember that entryways and a little comfortable extension in the north were plan by Vincent J. Esch who was associate to Sir William Emerson.

9. What’s inside Victoria Memorial : The gallery houses a segment of ancient rarities, canvases and commemorations from an earlier time. The Royal Gallery likewise has some more oil artistic creations primarily portray the existence of Queen Victoria that beginnings from her crowning ritual, union with Prince Albert in 1840, the dedicating of the Prince of Wales and his marriage.

10. What happens in the Light & Sound Show of the Memorial : The nights at dedication grounds are enlighten with the light and sound show. Entitled as ‘Pride and Glory-The Story of Calcutta’, the show follows the tale of the brilliant period of Calcutta. The show is likewise name as Son-et-Lumiere. It is enthusiastically prescribe for everybody to go to the show. The commemoration assembling additionally trickles in colors which is another lovely sight.

Let us now discuss some FAQ or people also ask for on Victoria Memorial

  • Why is Victoria Memorial famous?
    • Its famous for its white marble architecture made between the year 1906 to 1921. It is build in the memory of Empress Victoria, and is presently a gallery. Its gallery, garden and light & sound show make it more famous & popular in Kolkata, West Bengal, India & worldwide.
  • Who made Victoria Memorial and why?
    • The Memorial is one of the top authentic spots in Kolkata, is build by Lord Curzon, then the Viceroy of India. It was made in the memory of Queen Victoria.
  • What state is Victoria Memorial?
    • The Memorial is in City : Kolkata, State : West Bengal, Country : India
  • How many pillars are in Victoria Memorial?
    • There are 5 (Five) Pillars all in total. Indian Museum specialists have developed five columns to “backing and defend”
  • Who is the Queen of Victoria Memorial?
    • It is a landmark to Queen Victoria, situated toward the finish of The Mall in London, and planned and executed by the stone carver (Sir) Thomas Brock. Planned in 1901, it was revealed on 16 May 1911, however it was not finished until 1924.
  • Is Victoria Memorial a World Heritage Site?
    • Yes, this memorial is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is at Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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